Learn once and for all the right path to become a successful trader in the financial markets.

Tuesday - December 20

Learning algorithmic trading, easier than ever…

Traders—in the past decades—have always used some traditional manual methods to buy/sell different assets in different financial markets. Probably, if you start learning trading, the very first step would be technical analysis. The second step, fundamental analysis, and other things like Fibonacci, Ichimoku, etc. as the third and next steps. 

But don’t you think technical analysis, or Elliot Waves are too much time-consuming and NOT enough? 

One may conclude that if technical analysis is profitable—not always, but most of the times—then traders should be placed among the top 5% rich people in the world. IS IT TRULY HAPPENING? 

The world of trading in financial markets is much wider than what we think and imagine. Therefore, if we want to enter this game, we must be equipped: we need accurate tools, adequate knowledge of the market, and science.

The term algorithmic trading might be the exact referral, which includes science (algorithms), tools (software), and market knowledge (technical/fundamental analysis, etc.)

The concept has been presented all over the world for several years and can undoubtedly affect the future of financial markets. When computers come, the speed and accuracy of doing things will be multiplied.

As a leading team in financial markets and algorithmic trading, we plan to hold a webinar in which we will first explain algorithmic trading, dos and don’ts, and advantages and disadvantages, and the right way to enter this field. 

In this webinar, once and for all, you will learn everything you need so that even if you know nothing about algorithmic trading and financial markets, you can easily, step by step, follow the right path and become a successful trader. 

Even if you are not interested in algotrading,

we recommend not to miss this webinar…

What You Will Learn…

Who is this webinar for?




Mehdi SAFAEI started his financial markets and Forex trading activity in 2002; and in 2008, he provided the first trading system in Iran called Profit Plus—similar to T3 Fibs ProTrader (winner of 2002) trading strategy for MetaTrader 4. Study, research and strategic research on the financial markets, especially international ones, was the main focus, finally in 2012, with the cooperation of several researchers, programmers and financial theorists, succeeded in developing trading systems based on artificial intelligence. 


Frequently Asked Questions

No, it is not necessary to master the financial markets, but if you are familiar with the financial markets and trading, you will understand the concepts and terms of this webinar better.

At first place, no, programming is not required. But later, after becoming a professional algo-trader, it is recommended to learn a programming language like MQL4 & 5, Python, etc.

Yes. After this webinar, you can follow the specified path step by step and wherever you need guidance and advice, we are at your service.

Yes, it will be available for you to watch later.

In order to learn about modern science and financial software, as well as to save time and build trading robots in the shortest possible time, we recommend that you participate in our webinar.

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