Five Reasons Why Buying a Trading Robot is Wrong

Expert advisors, or the trading robots, or EAs can be considered as the pivot point of trading in the financial markets. They are beyond good because they have solved many challenges and have given a new spirit to the trades and the traders.    Trading robots solve many challenges In the traditional way, manual trading, […]

Is Programming Required for AlgoTrading?


Today, by looking at many things around us, it would be quite easy to conclude that programming is an inseparable part of our life, while we are not involved directly. Cars’ smart assistants, cellphones, smart televisions, even a bank’s ATM, they are all created with the help of programmers and different programming languages. Applications, software, […]

What is the Difference Between AutoTrading and AlgoTrading?

When we come across a new term in the financial markets, it is decisive to learn everything about the new term, precisely and comprehensively, so as not to make mistakes in interpretation. Sometimes, mistakes may cause losses. The two terms, AutoTrading and AlgoTrading, will be discussed in the following paragraphs, and the question of the […]

What Skills Do We Need For Algorithmic Trading?

5 Steps to Start Algorithmic Trading   Algorithmic Trading or Algo-Trading, is a new concept recently introduced in the financial markets that tries to make the trades—opening and closing positions—automatic. Of course it should be mistaken with AutoTrading, which a totally different concept, merely focusing on the automation of the trades. It mostly refers to […]


WHAT IS ALGORITHMIC TRADING AND HOW TO START Algo-trading or Algorithmic Trading in a new recent concept in financial markets, and thanks to the existence of technology and science in this field, traders are showing interest every day. Computers and technology have changed everything—financial markets are no exceptions. In this article, Algorithmic Trading will be […]

EMH and ESMA; the Keys to Salvation in Financial Markets

There are rules, and there must be rules, laws, regulations, to achieve balance not only in financial markets, but also in every business, in our lives either. Markets should be fair. But what is the meaning of “being fair”? No one likes loss; and no one likes to stay in a losing position. The same […]