Algorithmic Trading in Financial Markets

Learn how to create your own robust trading system; minimize your risks, and enjoy earning stable profits. No programming is needed!
Algorithmic Trading in Financial Markets
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About this Course

Manual trading is always accompanied by high emotions, anxiety, loss of control,
and constant involvement of the traders mind. As a human being, we are UNABLE
to fully control our emotions after a severe financial loss. Or It is NOT possible to
remember a huge amount of information, analyze them and make the right
decision. We are limited!

However, computers and trading robots are able to do everything for us; store a
lot of information from the market in memory, analyze them, make decisions
without interfering with emotions, strictly implement the rules and never fall
asleep or get tired.

This course covers everything you need to learn how to create a trading robot
without programming. There are three main steps in this course.
In the first part, you will learn or review the basic concepts of financial markets,
and you become familiar with the economic conditions around the world. 

Also, you will be informed about the common fraud methods in financial markets.

The second part is the beginning. The knowledge to create an automated trading system will be transferred to you, which includes:

  • Preparation of market data
  • Definition of terms and rules of the trading system
  • Money Management
  • Performing Quality Tests
  • Optimization and Forward Tests

In the last part of the course, advanced content is presented: correlation,
portfolio management, and how to monitor the performance of trading system.

After this Course, You Will:

  • Understand algotrading and forget manual trading
  • Know how to create an automated trading system
  • Check the stability of your trading robots
  • Create and manage a portfolio of trading robot

Who is this course for? 

  • Those who are interested in learning algorithmic trading 
  • Those who want to build a robust trading system
  • Those who need a path to become a successful trader
  • Those who want to improve their trading knowledge


12 Hours of Video

10 Trading Exercises

Extra Resources

Completion Certificate

* In case of any updates, the new content will be available to all students of the course.

Skills Needed

technical analysis

fundamental analysis

financial markets

programming (optional)

* In case of any updates, the new content will be available to all students of the course.




Mehdi SAFAEI started his financial markets and Forex trading activity in 2002; and in 2008, he provided the first trading system in Iran called Profit Plus—similar to T3 Fibs ProTrader (winner of 2002) trading strategy for MetaTrader 4. Study, research and strategic research on the financial markets, especially international ones, was the main focus, finally in 2012, with the cooperation of several researchers, programmers and financial theorists, succeeded in developing trading systems based on artificial intelligence. 


Frequently Asked Questions

This is not the right question. Nobody can tell you this. Profit is also a function of risk – the higher risk brings (or should bring) more profit, but also more of danger.

This course is suitable for both “small” retail traders who do it for a living, as well as by traders who trade with millions of US dollars.

Yes. We are ready to provide support including asking your questions, helping you solve your challenges, etc. for 6 months after the completion of the course.

Unfortunately no. We provide comprehensive courses where you can learn everything you need to know about building your own algo-trading portfolio.

Many newcomers have mastered. It is important only to be interested, patient and to have the will to learn.

We don’t sell ready-to-trade strategies. We focus on providing unique course that allows traders to create their own high-quality strategies.

You can pay using different payment systems including:

PerfectMoney, PayPal, WebMoney, VisaMaster, and Cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Tether (USDT))

You are able to watch some sessions of the course for free. After that, you can easily decide about the quality of the course content.

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About this Course
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