Money Management

Money management is one of the wings of success in financial markets. According to David Powell: “Success in financial markets means proper money management.”
Money Management
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Money Management; The Golden Key

About this Course

 Which Strategy do you choose? Why?

Money Management

In the context of trading, money management, means implementing techniques and strategies to limit our risk while at the same time increasing the profit.

In this course, you are going to learn about money management, key concepts (e.g., leverage and how to use it correctly), different strategies of money management, advantages and disadvantages of different methods, and complementary points of this topic.

Participation in this course is recommended to everyone, because money management is one of the main foundations of successful activity in the financial markets.

Moreover, in this course, advanced money management and correct methods of are taught based on reliable scientific sources.


Who is this course for?


8 Hours of Video

5 Trading Exercises

Extra Resources

Completion Certificate

* In case of any updates, the new content will be available to all students of the course.

Skills Needed

fundamental analysis

technical analysis

Trading Platforms

Trading Experience*





Mehdi SAFAEI started his financial markets and Forex trading activity in 2002; and in 2008, he provided the first trading system in Iran called Profit Plus—similar to T3 Fibs ProTrader (winner of 2002) trading strategy for MetaTrader 4.

Study, research and strategic research on the financial markets, especially international ones, was the main focus, finally in 2012, with the cooperation of several researchers, programmers and financial theorists, succeeded in developing trading systems based on artificial intelligence.


Frequently Asked Questions

Not really. Money management can be considered as an independent course. However, it is better to be familiar with the basics of financial markets.

Certainly not. Money management, although is very important, cannot be enough by its own. You need to learn other skills related to financial markets including technical and fundamental analysis and being familiar with the rules and conditions of different markets.

To some extent yes. Special methods of money management are explained in this course and you can pick a method according to your needs.

Yes. Learning is endless. For sure, it is not possible to explain everything in one course. You need to continue studying and using different methods of money management in order to find a suitable method.

The answer is yes and you should try to find or create your own method of money management based on your target market, initial capital, strategy and other items you may have in your mind.

Money management is one of the conditions. The other two conditions include having a trading strategy—that can be obtained by learning technical and fundamental aspects of the markets; and the ability to create a profitable portfolio of automated trading systems. This is possible through learning algorithmic trading, or learning programming, that, of course, takes much more time.

Briefly speaking, money management is a part of portfolio management. In portfolio management, there are many items like correlation, diversity of timeframes and markets, etc. that need to be considered. To become a portfolio manager, you need to master various aspects including financial markets, money management, algorithmic trading, risk control, etc.

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About this Course
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