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How to become a professional portfolio manager?

People take a step towards the financial markets and becoming a trader; but due to the very
high amount of content that is presented to them in websites, books, courses, etc., they often
lose their way and cannot properly proceed to the end of the path. What should be done now?

In our comprehensive personal coaching course, everything is prepared for you to become a
professional portfolio manager.

What do we offer?

1- Basic Concepts

Most traders are familiar with the concepts of technical and fundamental analysis. In the financial markets personal coaching course, we review these concepts once and express very important points that traders are generally unaware of. In this part of the course, you will learn the prerequisites completely and then we will enter the specialized material.

2- Professional Training

In the second part of the course, all the necessary training will be given to you so that, in addition to the general knowledge of trading, you can master a higher level of trading in financial markets and algorithmic trading topics. You will learn how to build trading strategies, evaluate them for quality and implement optimization tests. Also, money management will be comprehensively discussed. The content presented in this section is unique in its kind.

3- Specialized Content

In the last part of the course, all the advanced points related to each topic are taught. Advanced money management, portfolio and correlation, control and monitoring of trading systems, unpredictable risks, financial market crises, etc. are fully explained to you. Congratulations! You are now qualified to undertake portfolio management in the financial markets.

Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, you can ask other questions you may have!

Yes, you can. Everything is taught from A to Z. But we highly recommend you to be familiar with the

basic topics of financial markets such as technical and fundamental analysis.

This course is held privately between you and the course instructor. All the time and resources of the
course will be allocated to you and according to your level and skill in financial markets, the materials
will be presented to you. Obviously, the higher your academic level in this course, the more advanced
materials will be presented to you by the professor. Also, in this course, you will be provided with
professional support and excellent side materials.

Registration is available by filling out the registration form below. We will contact you after that. You
can use the usual methods to pay for the course including PayPal and USDT (Tether).

Yes. As mentioned, various resources, including books and very useful videos, are introduced to you so
that you can study them along with the course.

Yes. During the course some of the students from previous courses will answer your questions as support. But it is recommended to ask your question during the class. 

Yes, if you wish, it is possible to arrange a 1-hour meeting with the instructor, Captain Safa, to learn more about the course and ask questions.

Yes, upon your request, it is possible to pay the course amount in 3 installments.

Since you will be given all the information you need, and you can attend a meeting to learn more about
the course, it is not possible to return the money if you cancel.

Yes, upon your request, the recorded videos will be made available to you after the course is over for a

If you are familiar with the basic concepts of financial markets such as technical analysis and money management, the entire course may take between 4 and 6 months.




Mehdi SAFAEI started his financial markets and Forex trading activity in 2002; and in 2008, he provided the first trading system in Iran called Profit Plus—similar to T3 Fibs ProTrader (winner of 2002) trading strategy for MetaTrader 4. Study, research and strategic research on the financial markets, especially international ones, was the main focus, finally in 2012, with the cooperation of several researchers, programmers and financial theorists, succeeded in developing trading systems based on artificial intelligence. 


Why TRUST us?


We are ready to transfer our 20 years of valuable experience in the financial markets to you. You will save years of time by transferring this experience!


During the training course and after, in addition to the course professor, experts are ready to answer your questions and solve your challenges. No need to worry!


We know our job very well! Thanks to many experiences, we have planned the path of becoming a professional in the financial markets in such a way that anyone can go to the end easily.


This course is the result of reading hundreds of book covers, watching thousands of hours of different video courses, reading hundreds of articles, many researches and reviews and finally adding years of valuable trading experience in the financial market.


To register and participate in this course, please kindly fill out the form below. We will contact you.


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